Ikebana Schools

In Memoriam

Helen Ard Memorial (1996)

This generous donation from James Ard was given to the Chapter in memory of his beloved wife, Helen.

Helen E. Ard, a member of I. I. San Diego Chapter #119 since 1969, served as President from 1971-7. She was also selected an Honorary Member in 1986 and served tirelessly in many other Board positions.

As a Master Judge of the Kofu School, she shared her talents with us often. Her use of color and love of sunflowers will long be remembered by us all.

Everyone who knew Helen loved her and she was respected and admired by countless friends. A part of Helen will always remain in our heart.


Constance Earle Memorial (2007)

These thoughtful donations from friends and family were given to the Chapter in memory of Connie Earle.

In addition to being a wonderful wife and mother, Connie was very involved in her parish and community. She served as a Eucharistic Minister for over 20 years and volunteered at Children’s Hospital, knitting hats and booties for premature babies.

Her love of Japanese culture and flower arranging led her to our I. I. Chapter in 1989. She assisted in many projects through the years and perfected her ikebana skills in the Ikenobo School. Connie found joy in the simple arrangement of a few flowers.

Her thoughts were always positive, her manner gentle and her smile radiant. Connie’s presence among us will be missed.


Phyllis J. Smart Memorial (2008)

This very generous donation was a delightful surprise to our chapter.

Phyllis, born in Toronto, Canada, moved with her husband, Ray, to San Diego in 1949, where they both worked for Rohr Aircraft Company.

She was an avid golfer, a world traveler, had a passion for ballroom dancing and was involved with many groups.

Her participation in ikebana led her to join the first Mah Jong class. Here, she spent many hours in the company of her friends.

Even though eye problems made it difficult for her to see, she was fiercely independent and insisted on taking the bus in order to enjoy the camaraderie of our ikebana members. Truly, Friendship through Flowers.

Phyllis will always be remembered for her graciousness, beauty and generosity.


Haruko Crawford Memorial (2009)

Ikebana was Haruko’s life and she worked enthusiastically to promote her love of flower arranging and Japanese arts.

She was a Founder and Life Member of our San Diego Chapter. She held almost every office - including President in 1985 and 1986, and chaired almost every committee in her 41 years of active membership.

Haruko’s desire to share her ikebana skills made her a dynamic teacher and demonstrator, and encouraged her to found the San Diego Chapter of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana.

Haruko was always willing to encourage her students, advise her friends and work tirelessly on any project.

Beloved friend, teacher and mentor - we will miss you, sensei.

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